Date Nite at B&V’s

We’ve really outdone ourselves this evening. Dinner is a parchment paper packet of saffron infused halibut. In the packet, along with the halibut are fresh carrots sliced thin and on the bias, pre-cooked in a white wine and saffron “tea”, capers, and green onion slivers. The white wine for the “tea” and in our glasses, of course, is one of the bottles of the 2012 Fidelitas Optu White we purchased while at the winery this morning when we picked up our wine club shipment at Fidelitas.

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Took a week off, more like two, from writing. Truth be told, wasn’t really sure we would even continue this. In the grand scheme of things, did it really matter if B&V capture their events, their wine experiences, and their love on a weekly basis and post it all for others to read? So many couples don’t do that, why should we? All things considered, we decided it does matter. We wanted to show others that it does matter.

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RED Mountain Block Party

(B&V NOTE – This article was scheduled to appear last week, however events being what they were, we felt last week’s post needed precedence)

It’s the day of Red Mountain Block Party. There is a gloom over the Columbia Valley and Red Mountain.

The Storm

The Storm

A storm is blowing in and I mean blowing. However, we are not about to let a little grey, a little moisture, lower than normal temps, and a breeze keep us from experiencing a new winery out on Ambassador Road and a new one, Frichette, as well as our favorites on Sunset Road. The gloom also permeates our house as V’s sister has taken a downward turn and we talked over not attending at all. V needs a psychological and physical diversion at this point, so we agree together to make the short drive to Benton City, in an attempt to put a little brightness into a dark situation.


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V is not the same today as she was yesterday. How could she be? Yesterday her sister was alive. She was ill, yet alive. Yesterday there was a chance, albeit a slim one, hoping against all hope, there would be a recovery. Today, the finality of a loved-one’s death has entered our home. Baby sisters are not supposed to go before the older ones, however she did. The baby of the family is not supposed to go before the parents, nevertheless she did.

Wear Pink...

Wear Pink…

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EYE Problem

EYE can’t see me sitting in a cube today. Grape harvest is going full bore and grapes wait for no man. As an open invitation has been extended to V&I to show up at French Creek whenever we want, and Charlie Hoppes himself invited me to the production facility whenever I have an “EYE problem” – today appears to be as good a day as any. The sun seemed to be pleased to see me outside as it crept over the hill and illuminated grapevines.

Good Morning!!!

Good Morning!!!

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Racoon Eyed Sunday Brunch

Four applications of aloe-vera has done little to make my racoon eyes less noticeable. On the other hand, V is beautiful as always. We are raring to go for breakfast at Fidelitas on Red Mountain and our third visit there in three days. During the drive we talk about this year’s warm grape harvest, the sun coming up a little later and going down a little sooner, the upcoming home opener for the Ams, the close of baseball season, and the Red Mountain Block Party at the end of the month. We purchased our tickets for that long ago and squirreled them away until the appropriate time.

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Saturday and Goose Ridge

Saturday morning arrived with mild regrets for a missed opportunity to photograph some of those very fast grape harvest workers. We are, however, excited for the opportunity of a ride to Fidelitas in D&V’s red, convertible, 1950 Willy’s Jeepster, and hungry for whatever Chef Andrae has in store for us for lunch.

Lunch at Fidelitas

Lunch at Fidelitas

If you are hungry  -  eat something!

If you are hungry – eat something!

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Friday Night Fidelitas Function

We were both sick last weekend, V in one end, B in the other. Not fun, by any stretch of the imagination and we will leave the almost death throes to your imagination. Our opinion is that it was brought in by a flock of pink flamingos. V&I have named what we experienced “The Pink Flamingo Flu.”

Harbingers of "The Pink Flamingo Flu"

Harbingers of “The Pink Flamingo Flu”

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15 French Creek

A song, “Waiting in the Weeds” off the last album by the Eagles is running through my head. It is a melancholy ballad type song with lyrics describing cycles of life and love as only Don Henley and collaborator Steuart Smith could craft them. The song starts, “It’s coming on the end of August, another summer’s promise almost gone…” Click the link if you want to hear the song. French Creek is spectacular through this end-of-August-day’s cycle of the moon chasing the sun. B&V, and the dog, are picnicking and waiting in the vines.

Another summer's promise almost gone...

Another summer’s promise almost gone…

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Dinosaurs, Frogs, Ale, and Wine

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Sunset magazine does try to put a little something in their trips for everyone, don’t they? Dinosaurs? Ale? Wine? See last week’s post here. Side trips to The Country Mercantile? Last week when my sister was here V and her … Continue reading

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